How to Setup a Dial-Up connection in Windows XP

First we need to start the “New Connection Wizard”. There are a number of way to do this. One way is to first click on the “Start” button in the lower left hand conner of the screen, and then click on “Control Panel”. Then if the icons [pictures] are on a blue background click on “Network and Internet Connections” if on a white background proceed to the next step. Now click on “Network Connections”. Find and click on “Create a new connection” and it should start the “New Connection Wizard”.

Click “Next”.

The default should be “Connect to the Internet” which is the one we want so click “Next”.

Select “Set up my connection manually” and click “Next”.

The default should be “Connect using a dial-up modem” show choose “Next”.

Now enter “Seasurf” for the ISP name and click “Next”.

Now enter the phone number including the Area Code followed by four commas [ ,,,, ] and click “Next”. If Astoria IS NOT a long distance phone call for you we suggest that you use 503-468-3059. We have had the best results with the modem pool at this location. Other numbers are Clatskanie 503-728-5021 , Seaside 503-717-1046, Portland 503-914-0082 . NOTE: These number are only good if your account name for dial-up is in the format of .

Now enter your “User name”, “Password”, and click Next. In the next windows just click “Finish”.

Now we need to make some changes from the default settings. When the “Connect Seasurf” window comes up click on the “Properties” button.

In this window under the “General” tab click on the “Configure” button near the top right side.

Now use the drop down and click on “57600”, and then click on “OK”.

Next click on the “Networking” tab, and the the “Settings” button near the top right side of the window.

If checked, uncheck “Enable LCP extensions”, and click “OK”. Next click “OK” and then click “Dial”.

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