How to Check the Setup of Microsoft Outlook

With Microsoft Outlook open choose “Tools”, “E-mail Accounts...” it will start a wizard that will take you through the process of setting up a new eMail account.

Click “View or change existing e-mail accounts” and click “Next”

The program should now show only one entry so click “Change..”

Check The “User Information”, “Login Information”, and “Server Information” “” in both of the incoming and outgoing server boxes and click “More Settings . . .

Click on the “Outgoing Server” tab and check that the “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” is checked

Click on the “Advanced” tab check that the “Outgoing server (SMTP):” is set to 587, and “Server Timeouts” set to 3 minutes, and then click the “OK” button

Click the “Next” button then “Finish” button and you are done

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